About the Firm

Minnesota Probate LawAs a Minnesota probate attorney, I focus my practice in two main areas: estate planning and probate law.

My goal is to make the legal process easy on you and your family.

I realize that my clients are the most important part of my business, and I want you to feel appreciated.

The firm strives to provide an alternative to typical client and lawyer relationships.  I want you to feel that you have been given high quality, legal service.  If you don’t feel that way, I want to know about it.

I encourage collaboration, mediation, and a wholesome family law approach.

However, when necessary, I am not afraid to take your case to trial and contested probate litigation when necessary.

A Minnesota Probate Law Firm

The Flanders Law Firm assists clients with all probate and family law issues, including:

Please feel free to contact the office if you have a family law issue that I can help with.

The firm has years of experience dealing with host of probate and estate administration issues. There is no typical estate. Everyone’s situation is different.  The firm’s attorneys have experience dealing with very large estates and very small estates. Different areas of the law apply in each situation.  The lawyers know the law and and how to deal with every possible situation.

Our goal is to offer friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable legal services.

Free Initial Consultations

Contact the Flanders Law Firm today.  I offer free consultations to all potential clients. Call (612) 424-0398.