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Minnesota Probate Estate Administration Lawyers AttorneysThe lawyers at Flanders Law Firm LLC have years of probate law experience. Joseph M. Flanders is licensed in Minnesota, North Dakota, and Indiana. The firm also has experience working with probate attorneys in Florida, Wisconsin, Texas, California, Iowa and various other states.

MN Probate Lawyers & Attorneys

Knowing which lawyer to hire for your loved one’s estate can be a difficult decision.  Most people only work with with lawyers one or two times in their lives.  Often, in our experience, people are not sure what to ask and they are nervous about the process and expensive probate attorney fees.

The law firm takes pride in working with people to try to make them as comfortable as possible. The firm has probate lawyers with experience with informal, formal, supervised, and unsupervised probates in Minnesota.  The firm’s attorney’s have worked on probates involving many different assets and/or debts.

The firm also has experience with dealing with complicated assets like homes located in other states.  This process may require an ancillary administration.  When a home or other assets are located in another state (such as Florida) and ancillary probate in that state will be necessary.  The firm has experience with ancillary probates and we work with our clients to keep costs down.

Experienced, Trusted Legal Counsel

The law firm has many years of experience working with people from all walks of life.  The lawyers at the firm are comfortable working with very large estates and small ones.  From multi-million dollar probate estates to “small estates” which are valued under $50,000, the attorneys have no problem providing legal counsel on both small and large estates.

The probate lawyers at the firm also have trial experience and dealing with complicated estates.  The firm is aware of the fact that, at times, strong legal counsel is necessary.  The firm has experience working with personal representative’s who are having problems with family members, siblings, creditors, or other unscrupulous people who may only interested in the money in the estate.

Free Initial Consultations

Contact the Flanders Law Firm today.  The firm offers free consultations to all potential clients. Call 612-424-0398.

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