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Do you need a lawyer to help you for your estate administration of “probate” case?

The answer:  it depends.  Also, as an aside, click on the link for more information on what “probate” means.

The question on whether or not to hire an attorney is always a difficult one. I am asked this question frequently by both current and potential clients. My answer is usually the same: it always helps to have an attorney and you’re going to do way better with one that without one. That being said my statement can be viewed as self-serving.

What are some of the benefits of hiring a probate attorney?

Experience in the field of probate law is the number one reason to hire an attorney. The probate or “estate administration” process is extremely complex. That cannot be overstated. When I first began practicing law as a new law school graduate, the ins-and-outs of what I was supposed to know and understand to competently administer an estate was completely foreign to me – and I had a background training in the law. The point here is that lawyers learn on the job, just like everyone else, and it took me, personally, a number of years to be good at that job. Is it reasonable to think that someone without a law degree and experience can do it?  I think the answer is clear.

Below are some examples of the different types of probate proceedings in Minnesota. Lawyers are not even aware of these proceedings – it is necessary to refer this kind of a work to an attorney who understands what he is doing.

Some of the different kinds of probate proceedings in Minnesota include:

  1. informal estates
  2. formal estates
  3. small estates
  4. supervised estate
  5. unsupervised estates.

Furthermore, the estate may be modified from an informal, unsupervised probate to our formal, supervise probate depending on the complexity of the case as it proceeds over many months.

What are some of the other questions to ask a probate attorney?

Essentially, as I described in earlier post on this topic, Minnesota probate attorneys are earnestly looking for personal identifying information of the heirs, personal representative, the deceased person. Next, the probate attorney will look for the assets and debts of the estate.

The attorney needs to know many different questions to include in a probate petition which notifies the court and the judge of how you proceed. The attorney will be making a determination as mind as to what he would recommend for obvious date would proceed which is something completely foreign to almost every client or person I’ve ever met with. After all, why would this person real to make a rational decision based on experience when they have done.

Are there times when a probate attorney may not be necessary?

The only time that attorney should not be consulted in state is when it may be transferred bye affidavit. In Minnesota, if your estate is worth under $50,000 in assets, the estate will likely not need to be probated but, instead, be transferred by a small estate affidavit. I have also discussed this and numerous articles in the past which can be located at the link provided above.  The attorney like we should still be consulted on how to draft the small estate affidavit and move forward with that affidavit.

In all other instances, with assets over $50,000 in the state of Minnesota, a probate attorney should be consulted and hired. This is a difficult pill to swallow for many people that have never been involved with the process but it is certainly the correct advice – self-serving or not.

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