Minnesota probate attorney fees: How much do they cost?

Minnesota Probate Law Payment of DebtsMinnesota probate attorney fees, how much do they cost?

The law firm charges varying attorney fees on Minnesota probates.

The complexity and work involved in the probate dictates the cost of the estate administration. There are many different types of probates, including:  informal, formal, unsupervised, and supervised administrations.

At times, the attorney fees will be much less because all that needs to be transferred is one asset.  In this case, there will be minimal effort involved in the transfer that asset in the probate. Common asset transfer situations, which have lower attorney fees, include the transfer of title to a home, or liquidation of a single stock, insurance, or other investment assets from the name of the deceased person to their heirs and beneficiaries.

Examples of Minnesota probates with higher attorney fees include the estates which need to be administered from date of death to distribution of assets.  This would include:   payment of creditor claims, publication of notice in the newspaper, negotiation of contested issues, payment beneficiaries, starting an estate bank account, paying taxes, etc. These duties can be very time-consuming and must be done correctly or liability for the personal representative and/or the attorney will be involved. In these cases the attorney fees are often much higher than many people may like.

Minnesota probate attorneys lawyers

The firm works with individuals with the estates worth less than $50,000.00 and with the estates worth millions of dollars.

Different law applies to different estates.  For further questions about Minnesota attorney fees in Minnesota probates, contact Flanders Law Firm LLC at 612-424-0398.

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